SmartFX Webtrader

WebTrader — future of social trade

We present for your attention WebTrader — the recent development in social trade. This is a comfortable platform which opens excellent prospects at financial markets. Using our browser you will be able to earn serious money! At the same time there will be no need for you to install any additional programs on your computer.

Using WebTrader you will be able to observe easily the trade activity of other trader. Furthermore, the opportunity to study trade strategies of representatives of SmartFX union will be opened for you, opportunity to observe their effectiveness and to copy the most successful transactions.

Advantages of WebTrader

After joining the community of traders the advantages of using of WebTrader network from SmartFX will be opened for you:

  • opportunity to copy transactions of successful traders;
  • training from leading experts of SmartFX community;
  • communication with traders which live in the most distant parts of the world;
  • opportunity to get free consultations and recommendations.

Operation in WebTrader

To become a successful trader you will need to perform the following steps:

  • Trace the actions of traders. You can do that using WebTrader in live-mode.
  • Enter the community becoming a part of it. To do this you will need to open an account. Those already registered as a SmartFX trader just need to enter WebTrader while joining the social network.
  • Trace the successfulness of transactions and copy them. While copying the transactions of successful traders after some time you will learn to establish your own trends.

WebTrader platform from SmartFX

Enter WebTrader through resource SmartFX! There you can learn all the principles of platform operation. To start the successful trade register on WebTrader platform or open an account at the site.

  • Huge number of financial instruments
  • Simple and intuitive interface
  • Quotes in real time
  • Monitoring the status of accounts and trading desks
  • Graphs of various time periods, with the possibility of printing
  • Large number of technical indicators and tools
  • Ability to use custom indicators and automated trading programs

Access Webtarder Now And Start Trading