How to Withdraw

Withdrawal OptionsTransfer CurrenciesCommissions and FeesProcessing TimeWithdraw
Credit / Debit Card Transfers and Bank Wire Transfers
Bank Wire TransferUSD, EURAS Expobank: 18 EUR (transfers in USD) / 17 EUR (transfers in EUR)1 Ameriabank: 0.1% (min 13 USD / 10 EUR, max 30 USD / 22 EUR)1 Atlas Banka: 0.36% (min 16 EUR / 22 USD)2-3 business daysWithdraw
Electronic Payments
Visa, MasterCardUSD, EUR, RUR0%Several hoursWithdraw
Transfers between SmartFX Accounts
Account-to-account TransfersUSD, EURCommission-freeSeveral hoursWithdraw

*Please Note:

  • Only the sending bank's commission is shown in the table. Commissions charged by correspondent banks will be automatically deducted from the transfer amount.