For Advanced Users

Please learn how to operate at Forex more efficiently. Study to analyze the stock market using technical and fundamental methods.

Global trading

Please learn the trends at trading market, learn the ropes of different financial instruments as well as the main factors which move the stock market.

Psychology of business-trading

The most important issue in trading is psychology.The following subjects are considered in this lesson:

  • understanding of the importance of emotional perception in trading;
  • determination of the basics of struggle with disgust at and fear of loss; • psychological instruments which will help to improve the psychic behavior of trader;
  • good trading strategy which ease the emotions controlling.

Management of capitals

Management of capitals The most common mistake made by traders is irrational handling of own capital. Watch the video-lesson and learn why management of capital is important in trading at Forex as well as study the main rules of adaptation of the principles of capital management for yourself. Analysis of stock market

Analysis of stock market

Learn all the specifics of analysis of stock market, study the differences of fundamental and technical analysis as well as learn to conduct it by yourself. Learn all the types of graphs as well as Dow Theory.

Specifics of basic technical analysis

One of the most common methods of forecasting is the technical analysis. Learn everything about the popular models of prices, types of trends, support and resistance.

Specifics of detailed technical analysis

Practice to recognize the models and advanced methods of technical analysis: learn how to recognize the model, the graph “Japanese candlesticks”. Study to trade after recognition of the model.

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