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Which guaranties of safety SmartFX provides for its clients?

Safety of the assets of traders is the primary task for SmartFX. We strictly comply with the rules and standards of financial activity and not only internal but also external one, therefore you can be sure that your investments are securely protected. The team of developers have created a system which provides strict control of all the trading transactions and is liable for safety thereof.

How to withdraw money from your account?

To withdraw the money from your account you have to whether enter your account and select a page “Withdraw assets” and then follow the instructions provided on the page, or to fill in the special form for withdrawal of the assets. We also provide an opportunity to scan the form of request and forward it by electronic mail.

To withdraw money quickly and comfortably please learn the following instructions:

1. The money can be returned to credit card or transferred directly to specified bank account. Please note that you can withdraw money only with the method that you selected for deposit contribution. For instance, if you contributed the deposit from specific card then they will be returned exactly to such card.

2. Request for withdrawal of the assets, as a rule, is processed within two-three business days since the moment of documents obtaining.

3. You have to maintain the marginal requirements when withdrawing the assets – some guaranteed amount should be available on the account if you have opened positions. If you will make a request for withdrawal of money from account but the amount of opened positions will exceed the amount necessary for provision of guarantee contribution, then the processing of a request will be possible only after closing of some positions.

Please note the fact that in connection with the resolutions related to prohibition of money-laundering SmartFX will be able to transfer the assets solely to those cards which were opened directly on your name. Furthermore we reserve the right to request additional information before transfer of the assets if required.

Which guaranties of safety SmartFX provides for its clients?

Safety of the assets of traders is the primary task for SmartFX. We strictly comply with the rules and standards of financial activity and not only internal but also external one, therefore you can be sure that your investments are securely protected. The team of developers have created a system which provides strict control of all the trading transactions and is liable for safety thereof.

After which period of time I will get money if I will decide to withdraw the assets from account?

We try to do everything possible so the assets were transferred maximally fast and efficiently. The standard monetary transfer is being confirmed within business week. Also it is important to know that the speed of processing of requests for withdrawal or contributing of the assets is influenced with different factors. For instance, the specifics of selected method of transfer.

Confirmed amount which will be withdrawn from the account is on the same day transferred to our bank and is forwarded immediately. But the transfer often passes several banks in different countries that is why the process requires certain time because foreign financial institutions usually process the transaction to other country within several business days.

After the confirmation for withdrawal of the assets will be obtained, whether it is a bank transfer or credit card, please note that this process may take up to seven business days before the assets will reach your personal account.

SmartFX has a right to transfer the assets solely to your personal accounts as the resolution on prohibition of money-laundering is effective. Furthermore we can require additional information before the assets transfer.

How it is possible to withdraw the bonus assets?

To withdraw the bonus savings the total amount of trading transactions has to reach 10 000 dollars for each bonus in amount of 1 dollar. For instance, to withdraw the bonus 100 dollars it is necessary to perform the trading turnover in amount of 1 000 000 dollars. You can withdraw the assets at any time but the bonus amount will be annulled in such case.

Whom may I contact if I have questions concerning withdrawal of the assets from account?

It is the personal manager that can solve your any problems and answer any questions. You can contact him whether by phone or by electronic mail. Also the employees of client’s support service are always ready to answer any questions. You can ask for help at any time of the day.

How an account is opened in SmartFX?

Site SmartFX was developed in such a way that the procedure of account opening was maximally simple. You just need to go by link “Open an account” where it will be necessary to feel the short questionnaire with personal data. After opening of account you will need to send by electronic mail the documents which will prove your identity. As soon as all the data will be checked you will be able to contribute the assets on account and to trade.

Which documents are required to open an account in SmartFX?

To activate your account by electronic mail you have to send the copies of the following documents:

Any document which identified you: passport, service of driving license;

Confirmation of residential address, for instance, banking extract for the last six months.

I opened an account in SmartFX, but I can not enter the system. What to do?

If registration was successful you will receive on your electronic address the confirmation letter in which there will be a link to your personal account. First of all check your mail. If the letter with the link is available but you can not forward by it, try to copy it to your browser. If this will not give results please write a letter to support service of SmartFX.

Is it possible to open an account form the company?

SmartFX has an opportunity of opening of a corporate account, but in such case the process of registration will be longer as the detailed checking will be required. To obtain more detailed information please address the support service.

What is the minimal amount of transaction?

The amount of transaction depends upon the financial instrument that you selected for trades conduction. To obtain more detailed information go to the tab “Trading conditions”.

How can I change data in my account?

You can make changes to the data only after consultation with the personal manager or consultant of support service of SmartFX.

Does SmartFX charge any commission charges?

SmartFX charges no commission charges for conduction of trading transactions. SmartFX obtains consideration from the difference of the rates of purchase and sale.

Who will manage my investments?

SmartFX does not manage the assets of the clients as in such case there is a risk of arising of conflict interests. To be maximally objective and impartial we are focused solely on the profit of clients and not on the issue where they invest their assets. Also to manage their investments maximally efficiently you can always address for help of consultation to the manager on accounts management.

Does SmartFX charge any taxes?

SmartFX charges none of taxes from its clients. The client is himself responsible for performance of his tax obligations in accordance with the legislative regulations which are effective in the place of his residence.

What is happening with the opened positions in the end of the day?

All the opened positions of one business day are automatically transferred to the other one. Traditionally at ForEx all the spot transactions are performed within two business days since the moment of conclusion thereof. Thus to avoid non-controlled conclusion of transactions the opened positions are closed automatically and then opened again on the next day.

For simple understanding and comfort the rates of closing/opening at the time of transfer are reserved and equalized to the rate which was effective at the moment of position opening, after which the certain percent is charged and accrued depending on the rates of currency pairs.

Is it possible to perform trading by phone?

Yes, SmartFX provides such a service. The client may address the department of trading transactions at any time of the day but at business days. The employees of department provide a client two prices (proposition and demand) after which he can make a choice. Then the department confirms the trading transaction and performs it. Many traders know that we have assets to perform trading transactions in online-mode, it is much more comfortable and fast to conclude the transactions like this. But also all our clients can perform transactions by phone.

What are the margin requirements in SmartFX?

SmartFX clients can conduct the trading transactions using the credit leveraging in proportion 200 : 1, the amount of credit depends upon the amount of transaction and selected trading assets. The proportion of credit leveraging 200 : 1 implies that the client can open a position for amount which exceeds deposit in 200 times. For instance, if the trader has a deposit in amount of 1000 dollars he may open the position for 200 000 dollars. The minimal level of margin in any case has to be equal to 0,5 %.

Does SmartFX send requests for adding of margin?

Of course, yes. If the level of margin on account will reduce to 100 % by opened positions then the platform will send the corresponding request. If the general capital will reduce on 20% the system will close all the positions automatically. For instance if the trader opens the position for the pair USD/JPY 200 000, and the level of margin is equal to 2000 dollars the marginal requirement to such position will be equal to 1000 dollars. If the level of margin will reduce on account to 1000 dollars then trader will get a request for adding thereof. If it will be reducing and will reach the mark of 200 dollars then the position will be automatically closed by the current market rate.

What are the risks at ForEx and CFD market?

Trading of currency and CFD (contracts for difference) is always related to certain risk which may lead to serious financial losses. That is why such type of transactions should not be selected by all. High credit leveraging means that conclusion of transactions is accompanied with high risk which may lead both to high profit and significant losses. We recommend to perform trading transactions with special carefulness and attention. To get help and consultations please use the services of high-professional support service. Also we propose to learn the wide library of educational materials at our site. To reduce the risk of possible losses to a minimal value we recommend to use such important instruments of trading as stop-loss. But any instruments can not give you a 100% guarantee of profitability and completely eliminate the risk part.

When it is possible to perform trading transactions?

Trading sessions open on Sundays at 22:00 and close on Fridays on 22:00.

On which trading platforms it is possible to trade in SmartFX?

SmartFX provides its clients four modern trading platforms:

1. MetaTrader 4 ― use the advantages of trading with only one click, the platform differs with fast performance of instructions, excellent automatic opportunities and improved technical analysis.

2. SmartFX WebTrader ― this is a convenient for usage platform which synchronizes all the performed transactions with personal account in MT4.

3. Tablet Trader ― trading platform which is optimized for operation on tablet PCs and is completely synchronized with the personal account in MetaTrader 4.

4. Mobile Trader ― this is an ultra-modern platform which was developed on HTML 5. It is compatible with all the modern smart-phones which support the programming language HTML 5.

Recommended requirements:

processor ― Intel Pentium IV 3,0 GHz;

Monitor ― resolution of display starting form 800 x 600 pixels;

Operative memory ― 512 Mb;

Operational system ― Windows 2000, Windows XP;

Bowser ― Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.X

Internet ― broadband access with minimal rate of loading 1,5 Mb per minute.

Programs on computers which do not comply with the listed requirements will function but in a limited mode.

Will I be able to use the OSO orders or sliding stops?

Yes. We provide the trading platforms with huge scope of functions and instruments, they will help to perform transactions quickly and efficiently both for beginner and a professional.

What is the sliding stop needed for?

Sliding stop is a stop-loss order, it is automatically corrected according to the movement of market price of selected instrument. The sliding price follows the growth of quotation which helps to obtain the additional profit. At the same time the automatic stop-loss protects from the sudden fall of the price.

We have an important note for users of trading platform МТ4. The sliding stop in this system is maintained solely on client’s terminal, which differs it from the order of fixed profit and stop-loss which operate for server. Therefore in case of closure of client’s terminal the sliding stop will not operate. Only the stop-loss which was established until the moment of terminal closure will work.

What is OSO?

OSO is the combined order. The abbreviation is decoded as “One Cancels the Other” which is translated as “one order cancels the other order”. OSO is the order in which the cancellation of one condition leads to automated performance of the other one.

Is it possible to change the appearance of the platform?

Yes. After activation of personal account it is possible to enter the trading platform and change its appearance according to personal preferences. It is possible to order the windows, create new working places, add graphs and others.

What is ForEx?

ForEx is the largest world financial market. You can also see in literature the abbreviation FX (abbreviation of “Foreign Exchange”) and English name Forex. Daily turnover is equal to 4 trillions of US dollars. Trading transaction at this market represents the purchase and sale of monetary unit of one country for money of the other one.

What is spread?

Spread is called the difference between the price of sale and purchase. For instance, if the quotation EUR/USD is equal to 1,2908 against 1,2912, consequently the spread in this case will be equal to 4 points.

What does the term “point” means at the currency market?

Abbreviation PIP is decoded as “Price Interest Point”, it means the lowest value with which the pairs at ForEx market are measured.

How the stop-loss works?

The main task of stop-loss orders is to reduce the level of risk by closure of loss position when the cost exceeds value that was determined by the trader. SmartFX creates all the conditions for its clients so the trading transactions would performed by the most favorable prices. But the order will close the transaction by the best price that was available at the market as of that moment.

What is roll-over (transfer of position)?

When transferring the position the positions may be credited or deducted on the account. Trading at the market always depends upon the interest rate of each currency from the pair. If the interest rate on the currency at the moment of purchase thereof exceeds the rate of currency itself the interest will be credited on account. If, vice versa, the interest rate is lower then certain amount will be withdrawn from the account. Roll-over is used solely for the transactions which were transferred over the night.


Which types of accounts SmartFX provides for its clients?

SmartFX has three main accounts: Standard, Micro and VIP. You may learn about each of them in more detail in section “Trading accounts”.

When will the assets be credited to account?

The duration of crediting the assets to account depends upon the method of contribution thereof:

When adding the deposit using a credit/debit card the transaction will be processed for about 24 hours;

In case of bank transfer the assets will be credited within one-two business days.

Is the commission charged for contribution of deposit?

SmartFX charges no commissions for contribution of deposit from its clients. But we recommend to know from the company or a bank that will perform the assets transfer, whether it charges any commission for performance of the transfer. Please note that SmartFX undertakes all the transactions expences if the amount of deposit exceeds 2500 dollars.

What is the minimal deposit in SmartFX for conduction of trading activity?

To open an account it is necessary to contribute an amount of 1000 dollars/euros/pounds and more.


Are there any commissions charged in SmartFX for contribution/withdrawal of monetary assets on account?

SmartFX charges no commissions for contribution or withdrawal of the assets you’re your personal account. But some financial institutions take certain percent for performance of transactions that is why this question should be surely discussed with your company or a bank. SmartFX pays all the commission banking charges solely for VIP-clients.

In which way it is possible to contribute the monetary assets to your account?

In SmartFX there is organized operation with the most popular payment systems, the following methods of payment are provided:

Through credit/debit card (Visa, Diners Club and MasterCard);


Urgent bank transfer;

Local payment.

Full list of methods of payment is provided on the page “Deposits”, which is available in your account.

Is it possible to contribute the assets in non-cash mode? If so, on who’s name the transfer should be documented?

SmartFX cooperates with many banks in the whole world. The full list of financial institutions will be provided in your account, you will be able to select the most appropriate variant and find all the necessary requisites.


Is SmartFX appropriate for beginner-traders?

SmartFX provides its services for traders of any professional level: from beginners to profi. SmartFX has a twenty-four-seven support service in different languages as well as a wide scope of trading platforms with different financial instruments using which it is possible to solve any trading tasks.